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Learning Enhancement and Development

ISLA [Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities] Project

Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities is the working title for the ISLA project, a new pedagogic and technical methodology for live teaching simultaneously to students who are situated both on campus and online.

LEaD Project Lead: James Rutherford

Across the Higher Education sector, there has been a significant uptake in hybrid (also known as blended, multimodal, blended synchronous, hyflex, equitable model, and dual delivery) teaching since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Hybrid-teaching is a methodology by which academic staff teach their class face-to-face and online, simultaneously, using video conferencing technology. A camera shows the academic and in-person class to the online audience, while microphones pick up all speech in the room for the remote learners. Those online can communicate with the class on campus by chat or by using their own webcams and microphones. Interactions are relayed in class via audio-visual technology specifically designed for this purpose.

ISLA will allow City to begin to overcome some of the traditional barriers to active learning by creating opportunities for greater equity, engagement and enhanced educational experiences. It opens up the potential for greater inclusivity, with digital inclusivity considered and for wider audiences of students.

As of September 2021: