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Learning Enhancement and Development

Designing Active Learning Initiative (DALI)

The Designing Active Learning (DALI) initiative was created primarily to evaluate and refine City's current teaching and learning spaces. From the summer of 2015 to the present, DALI has undertaken a renovation of all audio visual equipment in most of City's learning spaces. The project looks specifically at in-class technologies with a particular focus at the way staff interact with those technologies. The in-class technologies incorporates the Teaching AV Podium or POD, and extends to the teaching zone that surrounds it. The project has refined City’s spaces such as lecture theatres and seminar rooms. The project also uses staff and student feedback to evaluate the way the technology in the room can engage the learner more actively.

More information about DALI can be found on the Learning at City blog.

If you are in one of our many flexible spaces and want help on activities you can do with your students, see our page on Active and Collaborative Learning.

More information is available on our internal guidance site for staff at the University.