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Web Timetable Information

We are in the process of changing how you will access City's timetabling services online.

Services relating to academic year 2021/22 will continue via the current site  https://sws.city.ac.uk until Sunday 21st August.

This includes

  • Searching for programme, module and room timetables
  • Submitting Web Room Bookings
  • Viewing Personalised Timetables

Next academic year's timetable (for 2022/23) can be accessed on our new site at MyTimetable

This site will serve as a single location for all City students and staff to access timetabled information. It replaces two seperate sites for personalised timetables and general timetable searches.

** The Online Timetable is a LIVE service and therefore subject to change, so please check regularly and especially before the start of the academic year. **

All requests to change timetables and/or queries on timetables must be directed to the School Timetabling Representatives

Please note students whose programmes receive a personalised timetable will be able to view these from early in the autumn term, please check back regularly from mid-September.

The new site is designed to be intuitive and contains a comprehensive help section but for first time users here is a brief overview of its functionality. MyTimetable Introduction