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AG24a 021112 (1)


SHPS-priority computer and lecture room with fixed, round cluster tables (seats 6 each) and moveable chairs.

The tables are designed so that the computers can be quickly submerged and non-computer based work can take place.

Other (non-SHPS) departments can book no more than two weeks in advance.


College Building, ground floor


30 PCs

Revised COVID Room Guidance


Height adjustable AV Pod, networked PC, large-format visualiser, laptop connection (VGA with audio and HDMI) and stereo speakers

Microphone for recording lecture capture

The room is enabled for voice amplification via a wireless mic from E101

Lecture Capture*

Data projector

Glass whiteboards

Four repeater screens

Natural light

Step-free access via ramp into College Building

*Please contact the IT Service Desk for status