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Learning Enhancement and Development

Supporting the development of new and future educational leaders in higher education

Principal investigators: Professor Susannah Quinsee & Professor Pam Parker

Academic leadership is an area in which Learning Enhancement and Development has had a role for a number of years, namely through the delivery of a module addressing academic leadership as part of the MA in Academic Practice. However, often those attending this module are in educational leadership roles and yet there is limited literature about this specific area and how to develop as an educational leader. Stefani (2015) notes that this is an under researched area and anecdotally the two principal investigators know that many programme leaders and those in head of department roles often have received little or no development for their role. In addition, through discussion at an international conference with two Canadian colleagues the PI’s were made aware of an international project that was exploring this area and that there was need for a UK partner. The aim of this project is therefore to contribute to the evidence base in this area and provide a UK perspective for an international project.

McInnis, Ramsden and Maconachie (2012) discuss how robust leadership is needed to inspire, influence and enable colleagues which is essential for all educational leadership roles. They identified five principles for building a culture of leadership in teaching and learning which are were shaping the strategic vision, Inspiring and enabling excellence, devolving leadership of learning and teaching, rewarding, recognising and developing teaching and involving students (McInnis, Ramsden & Maconachie 2012).

The PI’s therefore want to examine this area in further detail and undertake some empirical data collection to answer the following questions:
*What skills and knowledge are needed for such a leadership role?
*What preparation has been provided for those in existing roles?
*What might be appropriate preparation to provide for future leaders?