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    September  - Professional Development Workshops

    Teams for Teaching Training

    IT Training and LEaD are working together to present a series of workshops to help you get familiar with using Microsoft Teams for teaching. IT are running express technical sessions on specific features of Teams, and LEaD and IT are co-presenting longer sessions on how to organise and activate your Teams spaces, and how to facilitate teaching online through Teams.

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    Introduction to Microsoft Teams for Teaching

    This session will take you through:
    - The relationship between Moodle and Teams
    - How to activate and organise your module space
    - How to facilitate group work and community building
    - How to manage student expectations around communication.

    Monday 21st September 14:00-15:30

    Tuesday 29th September 09:30-11:00

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    Preparing for online synchronous teaching in Teams
    This session will take you through:
    - how to schedule and set up a Teams meeting for teaching
    - how to prepare and facilitate an online synchronous teaching session.
    - how to manage online synchronous teaching.
    - how to engage students in group activities online.
    This session will not cover detail on sharing your screen or recording your session (covered in separate short sessions)

    Monday 21st September 10:00-11:30

    Tuesday 29th September 13:00-14:30 

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    Recording your session in Teams.
    This session will take you through:
    - Recording your own teaching session
    - Stopping students from recording via Teams
    - Uploading a recording to Microsoft Stream
    - Editing Stream video permissions, adding captions and timestamps
    - Uploading a recording to Kaltura
    - Linking to video in Moodle

    Tuesday 22nd September 14:00-14:30

    Thursday 1st October 10:00-10:30

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    Sharing your screen during a teams meeting

    - Stopping others from sharing their screen
    - Sharing your screen best practice
    - Sharing your PowerPoint slides (allowing students to flick through at their leisure)
    - Sharing your PowerPoint slides (enabling presenter view)

    Wednesday 23rd September 11:00-11:30

    Monday 28thSeptember 15:00-15:30

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    Planning your first online teaching session

    With the start of term fast approaching many of you may be planning to teach online for the first time. This session will help you build an engaged online learning community as part of your course. We will help you plan an effective first online session to familarise students with the technologies you are using. We will also share explore resources for planning effective student induction including icebreaker activities, good practice regarding student (and staff) online behaviour and managing the online classroom. It will be an interactive session and is suitable for those with different levels of experience of online teaching and you will be encouraged to share your experiences.

    Thursday 24th September 12:00  3:00Sign up here

    Online Educational Technology Drop-ins

    The Education Technology team will be available for online drop-in sessions every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon during term time, from September 9th. If you have a quick question about any of our technologies, drop in via Zoom for help and advice.

    Wednesday 14:00-15:00

    Thursday 14:00-15:00

    Zoom Meeting ID: 984 7760 9227

    Password: #NgMW6

    The drop-ins will be held via Zoom and will only be available to staff using City Zoom accounts. If you access the meeting using a personal Zoom account, you will be moved to the waiting room and will not be admitted to the drop-in. Please follow our participant guide to set up your City Zoom account and download the Zoom application prior to attending the workshops.

    July 2020 Workshop Recordings

    LEaD ran a series of workshops between 14th-28th July to help you plan for online teaching  and to increase your confidence in using educational technology to engage and support students.

    The sessions covered: digital accessibility awareness, designing an effective Moodle module, getting started with Zoom, facilitating synchronous teaching online, synchronous whiteboard activities, breakout room activities, re-purposing existing lecture captures and other online video resources, DIY screencasts, using Moodle quizzes, using Moodle forums, and introduction to Poll Everywhere.

    All the sessions were recorded and links to the recordings are available on our guidance site.

    Request training

    Request group online training on any of our educational technology tools. Use the IT Service Portal to make your request. Please include the educational technology you would like training on in the Short Description of the form. In the Description Details, list the people who will attend, and times and dates that are most suitable.

    LEaD Writing Group

    Are you interested in blogging, but not sure where to start? Never quite manage to find the time to sit down and do that piece of writing you’ve been putting off? This message is to let you know about the monthly LEaD Writing Group and invite you to join us.

    Since 2016, we’ve run an informal writing group within LEaD that focuses on support for blogging and giving participants some time and space to catch up on a little writing. Experienced bloggers, those new to it, or those thinking about starting one – all are welcome, as are those just looking for a quiet half an hour to finish off a paper or something.

    As with many LEaD events, we have taken the decision to shift these events online for the Autumn term and plan to start the Writing Group meetings up again in September. We’ve set up dates, times and topics for four sessions to take us up to the Christmas break. We will review whether to continue with these sessions online (or resume face to face meetings) in the new year, depending on how circumstances change.

    We hope that some of our regulars might want to join us online, but we’re also keen to attract some new faces to the group as well. We’ve taken the decision to run them on a regular day each month, Tuesday, before everyone gets ‘Zoomed out’ in the week with online meetings. The sessions will all run from 13:00 – 14:00, so you can take time out of your day but hopefully still get a lunch break.

    The following dates and provisional topics have been scheduled:

    • 15th September: Virtualising a Writing Group
    • 13th October: Blogging and Reflective Writing
    • 10th November: Unlocking your Creativity
    • 8th December: Writing in a Time of Crisis

    One advantage of running the session online is that we may be able to bring in some external guests. We also hope that the format might enable more people to take part in the sessions.

    Please fill in the sign up form if you would like to be added to our mailing list and we look forward to seeing some of you in the autumn.

    Before we start, you can browse previous posts to find out some of what we’ve covered in previous sessions