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  1. Aldersgate Street
  2. N216



Learning room with flexible seating


2nd floor Aldersgate Street


80 flexible tables and chairs

Revised COVID Room Guidance

This room has a foldoing partition wall which when closed separates the space into two distinct learning rooms

N216a 40 flexible tables and chairs

N216b 40 flexible tables and chairs

Room Resources

These facilities are duplicated in both N216a and N216b

AV Pod, networked PC, visualiser, laptop connection (VGA with audio and HDMI) and stereo speakers

Microphone for voice amplification

Lecture Capture*

Hybrid teaching facility (ISLA)* this is only installed in N216b but can be employed when using both A and B together

Whiteboard (squiggle glass)

Step-free access via a lift

*Please contact the IT Service Desk to check status