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  • Support for Success

    Where we want to be by 2020

    Our students receive personalised support that reflects their needs throughout their journey with us, from applicants to alumni. Our student services are proactive and efficient and support the full student experience.

    Through step-change activity we will continue to build a high quality student experience characterised by:

    • Proactive and efficient services which are responsive to the needs of our students
    • Clear and personalised information
    • Professional, ethical and inclusive approaches
    • Accessible and specialist support reflecting the needs and aspirations of our diverse student body
    • Use of student data to target resources effectively and enhance the support available to our students
    • Support for individual success.

    Step-change activity

    Step-change activity will focus on the following areas to support the consistent realisation of our intended destination across our services and provision:

    1. Student-focused services, systems and processes
    2. The collection and use of student data
    3. Information, advice and guidance for students
    4. Personalised student support, high quality pastoral guidance and supervision
    5. Personal development planning opportunities reflecting the needs of different student groups including undergraduate, postgraduate, CPD and research provision
    6. Enhancing support mechanisms and training for staff who deliver personalised support to students.

    We will also continue to foster areas of strength in relation to:

    1. Staff-student and peer-to-peer partnership (focused reciprocal learning and support activities i.e. literature review, observations, peer-to-peer mentoring, tutor support, our buddy scheme)
    2. Addressing any inequalities in access, progression and success ( e.g. through promoting the use of services and uptake of developmental opportunities including, importantly, care leavers, students from WP backgrounds and those with learning and mental health difficulties)