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    Where we want to be by 2020

    Our Schools, Programmes, Professional Services and Students’ Union work collaboratively to offer a range of opportunities for our students beyond their academic studies, to help them develop as rounded, reflective and confident individuals who see their journey at City as part of a meaningful, lifelong relationship with us.

    Through step-change activity we will help our students maximise the potential of their time here at City, to develop their talent and engage with communities and opportunities characterised by:

    • A diverse range of co-curricular social, cultural, volunteering, representation, professional development, sporting and wellbeing activities
    • Opportunities for our students, staff and local community to work together
    • Supporting students to develop their own communities and societies at programme, departmental, School and institutional level
    • Opportunities for our students to reflect on their social responsibility and engage in initiatives and activities associated with environmental sustainability and development
    • Recognition of achievement, celebrating our students’ successes and enabling them to reflect on their own development
    • A range of mechanisms for students to engage with us, provide their feedback and contribute to decision-making as part of our commitment to working in partnership with them
    • Opportunities for students to take part and develop as engaged, civic minded participants in our internal and external communities.

    Step-change activity

    1. Comprehensiveness and integration of information about activities and opportunities available to staff and students provided by City and the Students’ Union (including social media and technology platforms)
    2. Supporting and encouraging student-led initiatives, student representation and activities which will enhance the development of leadership skills
    3. Developing a strong student community through enhancements to our dynamic and inviting student spaces and facilities, including our CitySports facility and offer
    4. Providing opportunities for our students to reflect on environmental sustainability and to engage in sustainability initiatives
    5. Providing opportunities for students to engage in and build communities through clubs and societies and enhancing our offering in this area
    6. Providing a range of co-curricular activities, including internal and external events and networks which maximise on our location in the City of London
    7. Building on the partnership between City and the Students’ Union through fostering a well-defined and shared understanding of our roles, increasing collaboration and celebrating success together.

    We will also continue to foster areas of strength in relation to:

    1. Fostering a culture where staff and students are able to challenge and innovate
    2. Celebrating the success of our students and staff
    3. Building partnerships with the local community.