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  • Education and Student Strategy

    City, University of London's Education and Student Strategy outlines our plans for enhancing our educational offer, building on our commitment to delivering a high quality and practice-focused education, and offering students a full and rounded student experience.

    The Strategy sets out an ambitious programme of work which builds on the four principles outlined by City’s Strategic Plan and our aspirations for 2020:

    1. Enable our graduates to remain distinctive and competitive in the employment market
    2. Generate a dynamic and inclusive approach to our students’ experience and community
    3. Excel amongst our peers in the quality of educational experience offered to our students
    4. Encourage all applicants with excellent academic potential to access and progress on our programmes.

    The five ‘hubs’ of the strategy

    The Education and Student Strategy identifies five central themes under which key activities (‘step-changes’) have been identified to ensure that we reach the ‘destinations’ identified, and set out below, for each hub by 2020.

    Within each hub of activity work is planned both via ‘business as usual’ at School and Professional Service-level and through a number of institutional projects which support the step-change activities identified.